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A Little About Why We Farm...

For Your Health

We believe healthy nourishing food can change your life. We truly are what we eat, and when you feed your body whole foods full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, you can feel the difference.

Years ago, when I transitioned to a farm fresh diet, I noticed that I had more energy, I slept better at night, and I maintained a constant healthy weight. People have even told me that I don't look my age and that my skin seems to glow.

Your body is CRAVING this food. You will find that after a meal that includes pastured meat and unprocessed fruits and vegetables, you will feel full, satisfied, and energized... not miserable and sluggish.

For the Animals

We believe animals should be treated with respect and dignity. They should be outdoors on the grass and in the sun.

The chickens get to run, scratch and peck the ground. We see them stretching their wings, taking dust baths, and basking in the sunshine.

We let our pigs root and wallow. Our mama sows get to build their nest and have their piglets like they would in nature, without farrowing crates, docking tails or cutting teeth.

Our sheep are moved every morning so they have plenty of fresh grass (and only grass) to eat.

We move all of our animals often, in most cases daily, so they remain happy and healthy.

For the Land

We believe we can raise our animals outdoors and actually improve the land they are on.

All too often big agriculture will destroy the land in the process of raising food. Too many animals in too small of a space will compact the soil and overload it with manure which destroys the soil's health and ecology.

Instead, we use rotational grazing methods which means we move small numbers of animals across the ground continually. By doing this our land is not overloaded with nitrogen, but instead, the animal waste actually improves plant health and feeds the soil microbes. Our pastures become healthier, greener and more lush with each passing year.

For the Community

1500 miles! That is the average distance the food in the modern American diet has to travel to reach your plate, and who knows how many hands it has passed through!

However, when you embrace a locavore diet, your food has been raised by your neighbors. You will be able to ask us directly any questions you may have: how we raise our animlas, what breeds we have, what do our animals eat, where and how the animals are processed... Try asking your big grocery those questions!

Your purchases directly support our small family farm and that money stays in our community. It goes to the local feed mill where we purchase our grain. The vegetable farmers we love and support to supplement our own family garden, and the coffee roaster who helps give me the energy I need for morning chores!

We love our community and strive to do our part to make it even better. This past summer we donated over 450 dozen eggs to local food pantries, a whole pig for a charity event for our local first responders, and multiple gift cards for organizations such as The Riley Hospital Cheer Guild.

We believe that working together we can reconnect to our food system, grow our community, and form closer bonds with our neighbors...all over amazing, delicious food!