Pork Jerky Dog Treats

Pork Jerky Dog Treats

Dehydrated Pork Organ Dog Treats
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You trust us to provide you with the healthiest and most delicious food for you and your loved ones. Let us treat your four legged best friend too!

Our all natural dog treats are made from a single ingredient: our heritage breed pastured pork organs. No wheat, corn, soy, sugar, fillers, preservative, artificial colors or flavors. Just farm raised pork!

Organ meat is FULL of essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive and your dog is craving this meat! You can feel confident you are treating your dog to nutrient dense treats not junk full of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Treat your dog with what he wants AND needs with our farm raised pork jerky.


Dehydrated pork liver, heart, kidney, tongue